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Standing in front of a lovely, well-maintained home, it may be difficult to pick out that one element that made all the difference in the home’s appearance, but the impact residential sidewalks have on the overall scene is not to be underestimated. In a commercial setting a cracked and broken sidewalk can work against a company’s image.
When sidewalks and concrete pathways are in disrepair, they tend to stand out in a bad way, negatively affecting how a property is perceived. Yet, wear and damage naturally tend to happen over time – especially if the sidewalks weren’t properly installed from the beginning.

Sidewalk resurfacing, sidewalk staining, and concrete sidewalk repair are often inevitable. When the time comes to have these services performed at your home, it’s important to choose an expert you can rely on.

Concrete Sidewalk Repair No Longer Has to Be Drastic

While repairing a concrete sidewalk can indeed be a big project, depending on the size of the concrete, amount of wear, and desire for spectacular design, homeowners today have more options before. In the past a jackhammer and wheelbarrow were the only options, but now sidewalk resurfacing often proves to be a more efficient approach.

Resurfacing can be the cure for many concrete sidewalk woes, such as cracks and apparent signs of aging, while sidewalk staining proves a great option for those who are simply after a more designer look. Combined, these services can make even a century-old sidewalk good as new. It’s amazing what a bit of professional concrete sidewalk repair can do for updating the look of a residential property.

Bringing Out the Beauty of Your Home’s Exterior With a New Sidewalk

The classic texture look of a concrete sidewalk can prove elegantly simplistic and is an excellent option for those who want the neatness of the sidewalk to simply enhance their exterior decor instead of being a centerpiece. Yet, for those who prefer a touch of impressive design, there are several other options available for sidewalk resurfacing and repair.

Stamped Overlay
Stamped overlay is a great pick for those who want to stay close to convention while still increasing the aesthetic appeal of their sidewalk. Many beautiful texture options lie under the umbrella of stamped concrete overlay, such as wood, stone, slate, brick, and more.

Revisit that wonderful old world European style through the Tuscan texture effect. This effect is created by hand-troweling the sidewalk’s concrete overlay. The result of this method is high and low areas that serve to create a very unique look. Some custom sidewalk staining using acrylic finishes, clear finishes, or colored oxides greatly enhances the style.

Limestone Overlay
Some people simply can’t get enough of the beauty of limestone. Overlay using natural stone transforms sidewalks into impressive works of art. A custom look comes inherently when limestone overlay is the chosen method of concrete sidewalk repair. The color options are plenteous and the layout can be designed to suit the unique tastes of the homeowner.

Acid Stain
Nothing can guarantee beautifully dramatic depth and variation of color in a concrete sidewalk quite like acid stains. Thanks to the way they accentuate the imperfections in the surface, each and every acid stained concrete sidewalk is unique. This is the of choice of sidewalk staining for those who love a marbled look.

Before it gets any worse, let us transform your damaged or boring sidewalks into beautiful, long lasting surfaces.

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